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Welcome!  I hope that you enjoy the galleries of this website.  Throughout my life as a research biologist, university professor and a naturalist, my cameras have served as my most important scientific tools.  Through the lens, I have captured thousands of images from nature - including images of molecules, cells and organisms.  Hundreds of these images have been published and have been seen by thousands of students in university classrooms.

Most of the photographs included in these galleries are those of birds as these are the primary subjects of much of my current work.  These galleries are constantly evolving and I recommend that you stop by frequently to see what is new.

The website is set up primarily to be a educational resource.  If you want to obtain any of these images, they are available for purchase as prints,  digital images, cards and card sets.  Images are printed using the highest quality archival papers and inks and papers by a professional laboratory and send directly to you.  Please see PURCHASING INFORMATION for details.

If you would like to use images for non-profit  educational purposes, please contact me directly by email and I will send these to you electronically at no cost.

Please feel free to contact me directly at my email address;  lgoff87@gmail.com.

Lynda in marshes of the Pantanal, Brazil

Untitled photo

Lynda & Greater Rhea in Pantanal, Brazil

perched on a branch in the Pantanal region of Brazil.