Purchase Information

All images are available for purchase either singly or as a set. 

Once you place your order (a BUY button is associated with each image),  it will be sent to Bay Photo Lab in northern California where it will be printed to your specifications (paper type, size, matted, framed, metal or canvas printing etc.).    Bay Photo and I will work together to assure that you receive the best product possible and you will receive your prints directly from Bay Photo Labs within 5-7 days.  Your satisfaction is of key importance and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order,  we will work together to get it right or refund your money.

In addition to prints, you can also obtain digital images of any image for personal or commercial use.  You can specify the resolution that you require

A very popular aspect of my photographs is their use in greeting cards.   You can make your own card as directed when you select BUY or you can purchase individual cards or the popular card sets that I will put on line in the near future.  Many of the card in these sets have natural history information included for the species depicted.   

I have frequent requests for "reference photographs" from artists - particularly wildlife painters and bird- and mammal-carvers.   If you have need for a set of photographs of a specific species, please contact me directly (lgoff87@gmail.com) and I will compile a print or digital set for you and will offer you a reduced price for purchasing the complete set.  You may notice that many of bird species galleries have closeup pictures of bird feet, feather layouts, pictures of under-tails and wings etc.  These are included specifically for those artists who need these details - not  only for their inherent beauty. 

Lynda J Goff

May, 2015